APRIL 2018

Visit Ardenne

The Visit Ardenne brand contributes to developing the cross-border destination Ardenne in France, Belgium, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


Project overview


The Visit Ardenne brand wishes to set up an ambassador program in order to have several affiliates as part of the development of the Ardenne destination.


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My role in this project

Job title: Director

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My responsibilities

Business type

B2B: Business to Business

Design Strategy

Executive Intent

Target Audience

Social network influencers and bloggers/vloggers.

Gender: Male, Female, Transgender

Profession: Working and not-working

Age group: 16+

City: Start with

General Tasks

Technology Constraints

Cross Channels

Marketing/Branding Goals

Critical Success Factor

Major Competitors

Problem 1

The future ambassadors (target audience) of the Visit Ardenne brand are people who have a particular reputation on social networks (at least micro-influencers), have photographic or writing skills, and have a segment related to the Ardenne destination. Most of the participants exert their influence outside their working hours.

The brand guide consists of 87 pages of different ways to promote the destination and the brand; reading it is time-consuming and does not help position the Ambassadors program with these influencers and their schedules.

First tentative

The most straightforward solution was to shrink the brand guide, making it more accessible. From 87 pages, we went to 24.

Problem 2

A brainstorming session added a new query to the first problem. From there, it was to design a member guide dedicated to the ambassador program.


To save time for both parties (coaches and interested parties) and better target the next ambassadors, we have designed self-diagnosis tables while declining the identity and values of the brand Visit Ardenne. In addition, we were able to reduce the original 87 pages of the brand guide to 10 pages via the member’s manual.

Problem 3

Lack of advertising material to display at events, press releases or official meetings.

Design Solution

We create a pop-up stand and a desk, communication with the external printing service, and quality testing.


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The results

A ready-to-use member's guide

A community adoption

Approximately 40 ambassadors have signed up for the program and promote Ardenne’s content every day.

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