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Logo Design

Business Cards

Brochure Design

Website Design

Social Media Design

Catalog Design

Photoshop Editing

Infographic Design

Menu Design

Brand Style Guides


Poster Design

UX Design

Email Design

Invitation Design

T-Shirts & Merchandise

Resume Design

Vector Tracing

Graphics for Streamers

Packaging & Label Design

Flyer Design

Landing Page Design

Icon Design

Web Banners

Presentation Design

Car Wraps

Base price

Average base salary in Belgium

2.486 EUR. per month


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Salary distribution

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Source: be.talent.com

Prices lower than average

Lack of expertise and poor portfolio. Unable to offer quality work, these companies try to grab your attention with low prices. They lead to unfair practices on the market and do not allow proper regulation of this.

Market overage prices

Proven experiences and relevant projects in the portfolio. These companies offer you rates that allow them to be profitable while allowing you to recoup your stake on the ROI. The market is regulating normally.

Prices over average

Exclusive services and impeccable quality that only a few agencies can offer. These agencies do not take small-scale projects into consideration and favor quality over quantity.

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29 60 per hour
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72 00 per hour
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